Clean Plant Certified

Our Sixth Clean-Plant Certified Year

At Eagle Lake Nurseries, we’re proud of our distinction as a CNCI-certified grower of clean plants. The Canadian Nursery Certification Institute (CNCI) was founded in 2005. Developed by industry, it is the overall mandate of CNCI...


Eagle Lake Employment

Grow Your Career at Eagle Lake

At Eagle Lake Nurseries, we're always looking for dedicated, hard-working people who are interested in an exciting and challenging career with a leader in the Alberta nursery industry. We have full-time job opportunities for...


Gardening Successfully in Difficult Areas

Simple steps to optimal gardening.

Healthy roots require a balanced soil pore space where they can uptake water and nutrients while maintaining enough airflow.


Firewood Can Be Deadly!

It may seem hard to believe, but it is true, firewood can be deadly. Just one piece of firewood in the trunk of your car could cause the death of an entire forest or of certain tree species in a community.


The Meaning of Colours in Your Garden

Notice the colours of your garden and think about the feelings they invoke.

When you consciously choose certain colours, you add a whole new depth to your garden, while also helping to invoke certain feelings in those who gaze upon it.


Gardening Strategies for our Zone 3a Chinook Area

Some preventative measures for growing in Chinook country.

Winter injury is more common in trees and shrubs that enter winter stressed, so practicing the following protective measures is the best course of action.


The Meaning of Some Latin Words

Learn the meaning behind some common Latin plant names.

All plants have a Latin name. This is to distinguish between plants that have many common names. The Latin name describes plant characteristics or attributes. Below are some Latin words and their meanings.


Plan to Reduce Your Water Usage

Your greenery can look great with less water than you're using.

We cannot abandon our dreams of beautiful gardens, so we must plan to use our water wisely.