The Meaning of Colours in Your Garden

Notice the colours of your garden and think about the feelings they invoke.

It is always good to know the symbolic meanings associated with plants and flowers when you grow them in your garden or throughout your home. When you consciously choose certain colours, you add a whole new depth to your garden, while also helping to invoke certain feelings in those who gaze upon it. We’ve compiled a short list of colour symbolism below.


Blue is relaxing and comfortable and also trustworthy but it can also be the cool colour. It represents emotional withdrawal. Feeling down!


Green is known as the freshness of spring, the start of a fresh new beginning!It’s a color that is alive and refreshing, restful and calming!


Yellow is the colour of a bright new day. Cheery warm feelings! Uplifting and cozy all at the same time!


Orange is known to be the hot colour, reminding us of warmth and fire. It is also known to be the friendly, outgoing and party colour!


Red is known to be a powerful colour representing wealth and passion yet it’s also the colour of love and romance. It is known to attract attention!


There are as many shades to the colour purple as there are ways to describe this colour such as opulence, wealth and even mystery. The lighter the tone the more innocent the feeling. The darker the shade the more mysterious it becomes!


Pink is a simple colour – meaning comfort and innocence. It’s soothing, charming and non-threatening.


White is the tint of peace, hope, innocence and tranquility.


Grey is the shade of feeling lost. It can be dull and boring alone but makes a great companion planted with strong colours.

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