About our Nursery Eagle Lake Nurseries is a Wholesale supplier specializing in plants tough enough for the Prairies.

We are a family-owned Wholesale Nursery, supplying Prairie-grown trees, shrubs and perennials throughout Western Canada and the northern United States. Our values of honesty, hard work and excellent customer service has kept our nursery growing since 1970. Based in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada the nursery has become one of Alberta’s largest suppliers for commercial and residential landscapers, garden centres, landscape architects and municipalities.

Eagle Lake’s nursery encompasses over 800 acres of production including field dug caliper trees, container grown shrubs, evergreens and trees, and over 700 varieties of perennials. Our horticulturalists are continuously testing and adding new varieties so we can continue to offer the best selection of plants and trees hardy enough for southern Alberta’s climate. We are also happy to source unusual species for your special job or project.

half a century of Reliability.

At Eagle Lake Nurseries Ltd., we are committed to providing our customers with products and services that will meet or exceed your expectations.

We take pride in growing the best plants we can for you, our valued customers. We accomplish this through how we steward our land, the production systems we use, our involvement in industry organizations, our commitment to research, the dedicated staff we employ, the certification programs we administer, and our commitment to the further education of our management and staff.

Eagle Lake Nurseries became a Landscape Industry Accredited Company in 2018. Accredited companies focus on education as a cornerstone of their business practices, conduct their business affairs responsibly, value community and customer relations, and maintain high standards of workmanship and environmental stewardship. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of companies who hold this seal of excellence, and they deliver on this by employing industry trained professionals, adhering to safety and training programs, applying best business practices, concentrating on customer communication, and supporting sustainability initiatives.

“As a CNLA Landscape Industry Accredited Company, our company is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, and we care deeply about our employees, safety, and the communities in which we build, grow and maintain healthy, responsible and aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior landscapes. We are proud to be part of the landscape industry and are dedicated to the principle of free enterprise. We commit ourselves to serve our communities, and to provide our employees with the skills they need to work safely and productively in order to meet the needs of our customers.”

Eagle Lake Nurseries has been Clean Plants Certified since the program’s inception in 2009. Clean Plants is a phytosanitary certification program that provides nursery growers with an excellent tool to reduce the risk of acquiring or spreading invasive and other harmful pests, both at the place of production and into the urban and natural environments. Clean Plant certification provides our customers with a high degree of confidence that we are engaged in sound best management practices to reduce this risk.

Eagle Lake Nurseries is committed to staying abreast of the developments in our industry. As such, we take an active role in trade associations both in Canada and the United States. We regularly attend trade shows, conventions and management workshops, continually exchanging information and ideas with others in our industry.

Eagle Lake Nurseries Ltd. is proud to be a member of the following organizations:


We are committed to providing our customers with plants that are grown to the highest standards. We use production techniques that will produce plants that will be successful in the prairie landscape. Some examples of this include:

Container plants are grown in a soilless mix. This means that all the nutrients required for healthy, vigorous growth need to be provided. Our fertilizer mix is specially formulated for the prairie climate. The fertilizers are released over a shorter period rather than the longer releases you would see in milder climates like B.C. Plants exposed to longer fertilizer release time will be more susceptible to winter injury especially if exposed to early extreme low temperatures. We do this because plants in our region, plant growth needs to be shutting down by early fall, so the plant can ready itself for winter.

The timing of pruning container plants is also vital to providing strong healthy shrubs for our customers. Our pruning program is carefully planned to be completed early enough in the growing season to prevent late season growth that will make the plants weaker and more prone to winter injury.

Our tree pruning program runs year-round so that we can provide our customers with a product that is pruned at the ideal time, well branched and ready for the landscape. Years two and three of the program are the most important years. Lower branches are removed to provide good branch height, leaders are formed and, if necessary, staked. Side branches are removed or cut back to provide idea growing form. By doing these important steps in the early years of production, the pruning wounds will be healed over when the trees are ready to ship, and the trees will be structurally sound as they continue to grow in the landscape.

Water is, of course, vital to the quality and heath of our plants. Managing the irrigation program is a round-the-clock job in the growing season. Qualified staff monitor the plants daily to provide adequate water. Over-watering and under-watering can be stressful for the plants and lead to weaker plants. All of our trees are grown with highly efficient drip irrigation systems. Water is provided right at the developing root system so that when the trees are dug, they have a strong fibrous root system in the rootball. Our drip irrigation system also ensures conservation of this vital natural resource.

Field production is a very different process compared to container production. Producing a tree that is ready for shipping can take from four to 15 years. It starts with land management. We are proud of its industry leading land stewardship practices. We use practices that will retain the quality and abundance of our land. We do this by planting grass between our tree rows to minimize the amount of tillage required. By doing this, we are also conserving the quality of our soils and reducing erosion. The grass clippings also provide a source of organic matter for the soil. Fertilizers are applied only at rates determined by soil fertility tests. We also compost all plant waste and use this rich organic resource in our production fields.

It is a reality that plants will get pests which is why we utilize an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system for managing these issues. IPM is a decision-making process for managing pests in an effective, economical and environmentally sound way and provides for a systematic approach to monitoring pests. IPM is also a condition of our Clean Plants certification. We also employ a crop consultant specialist to identify new pests and to provide us with the latest information on products that will be the least harmful to our environment. We only use pest controls when absolutely required.

The process of removing plants from the field, assembling orders and loading/preparing for transport, means removing them from our protective environment and sending them out into the real world. This can be stressful for the plants.

Eagle Lake Nurseries follows detailed procedures to ensure customers receive what is ordered, when it is needed, and in good condition:

Plants are selected and orders pre-assembled by our staff
• Plants are checked for pests
• If required, broken branches are pruned, and dead leaves/flowers removed
• From container plants to caliper trees in the field, orders are carefully xamined and watered before loading
• During aphid season, a safe, biological pesticide is applied before shipping
• All trees are shipped with a wax cardboard trunk protector
• Trucks are loaded by experienced staff who expertly place the plants and safely secure them. The load is then covered with a specialized tree tarps to minimize damage. during transport
• In the case of orders picked up at the farm, trained staff will assist in loading, securing and tarping your plant materials.

Our experience has led to providing what we believe is one of the best rootballs in the industry:

All trees are individually assessed and selected for digging
• We meet or exceed the required rootball sizes
• Fast growing trees are root pruned 1 to 2 times to improve the root system
• Most of our wire baskets are custom sized to our tree spades so that the rootball is tight and firm
• Rootballs are tied securely by experienced staff
• Trees are left in the location where they are dug to minimize stress brought about from extra movement. Leaving trees in the field at soil level ensures the trees receive continued maintenance until time of shipping

We only use treated burlap to ensure trees shipped later in the season do not have compromised rootballs. Untreated burlap, by comparison, breaks down quickly and can lead to root damage.
• Trees with very aggressive root systems are placed in a root bag to prevent re-rooting
• When trees are gathered for shipping, each rootball is checked and wire baskets are crimped. This ensures the rootball will be firm when the tree arrives on site and will quickly establish in the landscape

Our sales and shipping team work to ensure complete customer satisfaction:

Our sales team processes order requests as quickly as possible
• We respond to all emails the day they are received
• We schedule your deliveries and pickups as efficiently as possible so you can plan your day
• As can sometimes happen, plans fail. When this occurs, we let you know as soon as possible to minimize costly downtime

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